RealCare+ Malta

RealCare+ Malta is a branch from the UK office, the latter having over 25 years of vast experience in the UK Health Services.

RealCare+ Malta follows UK standards and is an extension of these professional services. We provide trained, reliable and qualified carers for people in need of assistance, within your own home. Our aim is to provide high quality care that goes the extra mile to all our clients and hence the plus in our name.

RealCare+ Malta is proud to offer high standards which are affordable for Maltese clients.  

Looking for assistance at home due to lack of mobility or recovering after an accident?

Worried about your parents coping alone? Do you wish they had an extra helping hand?

Do you want your relatives to remain happy in the comfort of their own home where they prefer to be, where they can retain their autonomy, routine and preferences?

Caring for a child with special needs and you need assistance in juggling all the needs of the family?

Do you have a chronic condition and require assistance to maintain an independent way of life?

RealCare+ is the solution.

Whether you simply need a companion or if you need some assistance in your daily routine or if you need care because you are bed-bound, we are here to help

RealCare+ provides a high standard of care while coordinating our services with both the service user and his/her family so that we can provide a better service and satisfy expectations. The care is specifically tailored to your needs.

 We aim to promote the independence, choice and rights of our clients while ensuring that dignity, privacy and beliefs are respected at all times. We can help to put your mind at rest knowing that your loved ones are being looked after and in good hands.

At RealCare+ we provide carers for:

  • Elderly
  • People with Special Needs
  • Live in Care
  • Palliative/Terminal Care
  • Post Hospital Recovery Care

People 60 years and over can also benefit from the government Carer at Home Scheme which offers financial support up to €6000 a year for a carer who goes 40 hours per week, or pro rata if the carer goes for less hours.

RealCare+recruits staff

Maltese/English speaking

Full/Part Time

RealCare+ Malta

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