Quality Assurance

The Company quality policy is to provide the highest efficient, friendly and quality services to all our clients and service users and ensuring that we conform to their requirements.
Quality Assurance

RealCare+ believes that no matter how good its service is, there is always room for improvement.

Our quality assurance is to set out Values, Principles, and Policies underpinning this Organisation’s approach to quality and high standard. The Company has a total commitment to quality which comes with continual review and refinement of our office and management system to maximise quality of our service and minimise complaints and deficiencies.

Though the total and ultimate responsibility for quality rests with our Service Director, all our staff have a role to play in achieving our quality objectives and are informed of their responsibilities and involvements.

Quality assurance checks are implemented and reviewed on a regular basis. Client profiles, quality control, regular feedback, suitable well-trained staff and frequent liaison help to maintain a high-quality cost-effective service. All complaints will be handled by the Registered Manager /Director in line with The Company’s clear complaint procedure to the satisfaction of the complainant.  

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