Domestic Services

What is personal care?

Doing things around the house can provide a real challenge for some of our loved ones but RealCare+ knows how important these little things are for them and their wellbeing.

Domestic Services

What are domestic services?

Domestic services incorporate anything we can do to help make your loved one’s life at home better which don’t require professional or medical expertise, but still need to be delivered with attention, care and love.

  • Cleaning and help around the house (including hoovering, dusting, washing up, laundry, ironing and general cleaning)
  • Food preparation and purchases
  • Some life admin tasks (subject to certain limitations which will be explained thoroughly in our initial interview)
  • Transport and getting around

All these services will be provided by the very best in care-providers hand-selected by RealCare+ to ensure your peace of mind.

How much do personal care services cost?

We can provide domestic services for as little as 2 hours a week to 24/7 support. These services are tailored to your needs and fees are comparable and affordable.

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