High Care Services

What is High Care?

High care is designed for people who need 24/7 attention; those people experiencing a range of profound health issues, including end-of-life support, dementia, learning disabilities, heart trouble and other debilitating conditions.

It is tailored to individuals with highly complex needs and who can’t live independently.

Our team will support those who require almost complete assistance with most daily living activities. It includes managing accommodation, meals, laundry and cleaning as well as giving personal support forfeeding, dressing, cleaning and getting around.

Including domestic services

Including palliative care

For those with learning disabilities or at the end of life

High Care Services

Our aim

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality care to individuals so that they can remain as independent as possible and live their lives with dignity in the familiar surroundings they love. Our strength is in empowering, enabling individuals to continue their lives and to be participating members of the community.

The values, culture and social needs of those we help are paramount and always considered when pairing them with our teams.

How much do home-care services cost?

We can provide home-care services for as little as 2 hours a week to 24/7 support. These services are tailored to your needs and fees are comparable and affordable.

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